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What is CICA? And how CICA ingredient benefit your skin?

What is CICA? And how CICA ingredient benefit your skin?

There are two major theories about the origin of the word "CICA".

CICA is an English word meaning "cicatrix" (scar, scar). The first theory is that the word "CICA" was used in cosmetics as a word meaning regeneration because of the image of healing scars.

The other theory is that the word "CICA" is a combination of the first and last spellings of "Centella Asiatica", which is contained in CICA cosmetics. It is also called "Gotu kola" in Western herbal medicine, "brahmi" in Ayurveda, and "snowflake" in Chinese medicine, and has been used for centuries. Tradition has it that its efficacy was discovered when a wild tiger rubbed its wounded body against the plant to heal itself, which shows its high medicinal value.

The purpose of these cosmetics is to heal and cleanse the skin of acne and other skin problems caused by sensitivity to external stimuli.

As you can see from the etymology of the word, the emphasis is on skin repair and healing effects, so it is known among consumers as one of the "skin regeneration promoting creams. The boom of "CICA" products in Korean beauty can be positioned within the trend of dermatology-based cosmetic development.

Camellia sinensis extract is believed to have the following functions:

  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects
  • Repairing and regenerating damaged skin cells
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Promotes the production of collagen
  • Blood circulation promoting action
  • Antibacterial action

These effects can be expected to promote skin turnover, soothe acne and rough skin, and keep the skin healthy.